Why Migrate to WebSphere Commerce 7.0?

Are you still using WebSphere Commerce 6.0? If yes, then let me break this news for you that effective from this year, the support for IBM WebSphere Commerce 6.0 is expected to end after which you won't be able to call IBM technical support for any problems and issues regarding WCS6.

The quicker the better you must upgrade to the WebSphere Commerce 7.0. The migration from WCS 6 to WCS 7 requires time and resources but the investment is really worth it. 
Also you will also be able to host powerful new features and enhancements to improve your website performance and user experience with:
  • Easy navigation for your customers using Web2.0 technologies
  • Increase in customer confidence through Social commerce and mobile commerce
  • High Customer retention rate through improved Marketing components
  • Improvement in performance using 64-bit commerce server

How does Migration work?

Every organization is different from one another and hence has different necessities, challenges, and methods for running their business. Usually there are a set of performances to carry out before the migration which assist us through the way. Migration generally relies on a set of things which have to be taken care of.
First is the total size of the WebSphere Commerce site to be migrated. The larger the site is, the more work and attempt is to be made. Same is the case with the effort on the customization/creation of the site. And last is the stratum of incorporation with third-party systems.

Phases of Successful Migration
Phase 1: Assessment:
The first step is to carefully assess the system that is to be converted to the WCS7 system. After the assessment has been performed, the data is migrated within the WCS5 system will be converted over to WCS7.
Phase 2: Development:
This phase is the longest phase in the whole migration process. The list of features collected in the previous phase would be converted to Java commands.
Phase 3: Testing:
In this phase the whole program is checked with the aim to provide a flawless product and to avoid the small errors that are created while migratingThis performs a full regression test with the migrated database after Migrating WebSphere Commerce database and WebSphere Commerce application.
Phase 4: Integration:
The integration process consists of small procedures that contain database backups during particular phases of migration to ensure the installed constituents are functioning and responding to the system.

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