Secure Connectivity with Reliable Messaging Infrastructure

Organizations today are crowded with number of challenges and threats to keep their business continued successfully and keep up consistent growth. Among those challenges data security issues assume pivotal area of focus as it’s a point of make or break for the organization. It is critically important for organizations to have a foolproof, and reliable messaging infrastructure in place that protects their critical data, proprietary and confidential information and provides absolute security against attackers and intruders.

Messaging infrastructure may include but not limited up to  internet and intranet emails, instant messages and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that have now become necessity of every enterprise. No one would have ever thought about terms like spams, scams, viruses, hacking, government mandatory archiving and other such things when the email systems were first emerged. Now above mentioned factors have become a critical parameter while planning and designing communication system for an organization.

This evolution has led IBM WebSphere MQ becoming the backbone for an enterprise wide, mission critical messaging infrastructure. According to one figure 70% of the today’s world enterprises employ WebSphere MQ to initiate and finalize orders, convey and accept proposals and conduct many other such type of official and non official correspondence and business transactions every day.

WebSphere MQ provides a range of link-level security services, including support for the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) designed to allow the transmission of protected data over an insecure network. These systems offer an added benefit of written proof of communication between two parties which may be used later for any purpose.

Numerous research studies have shown that employees of an organization may surrender their liberty to use phone lines freely rather giving up access to their email accounts.

These days the use of IM system is gaining attention and popularity among most of the enterprises – particularly consumer IM – for business communications is growing on fast pace.  The typical user mostly spends two or more hours each day interfacing with some aspect of a messaging system.  In short, instant messaging has become a battery to the vast majority of enterprises for their functionality.

Your messaging infrastructure may be victimized by many unidentified errors and flaws during its implementation which may become threat to organizational security leading to performance collapse. Web Sphere MQ Guruis the best solution to such errors providing health check facilities to maintain integrity and security intact throughout communication channels.

Author Bio
Zeeshan Valliani joins Royal Cyber Inc as a leading consultant in marketing. He has vast experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Commerce, Java, XML, JavaScript and HTML. Prior to joining Royal Cyber, Zeeshan was a senior consultant for Reliable Accounting Solutions, where he led corporate business development and new client systems. He managed a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies, technical writing, product feasibility profiles, and customer satisfaction measurement. Zeeshan is currently pursuing his MBA degree from Institute of Business Management and holds a Master of Arts in Economics degree. He is fluent in several Asian-Indian languages and is an active member of IBM DeveloperWorks. 

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