Why Migrate to Application Server v8?

WebSphere Application Server v8 also referred as WAS v8 is the newest addition to IBM Application server versions, offering ultimate new features and changes compared to existing WAS v7 and widely used WAS v6.1 such as comprehensive open standard-based programming models, flexible and granular security controls and support for hand held devices.

In this blog I will help you understand the benefits of version 8 for your smoother transition from WAS v7 or v6.1 to WAS v8 quick, fast and easier by providing you an overall overview about what’s new, the pros and new features offered by WAS v8.

What’s New?
The WebSphere Application Server v8 provide developers with a richer user experience through fast delivery of innovative applications allowing you to better align your project needs with wide choices of open standard-based programming models - OSGi, XML, SCA, CEA, SIP and Web 2.0 enhancing application installation, maintenance testing, and problem determination with high availability, transaction integrity using extensible logging.

The v8 delivers complete Java EE 6 support and simplifies directory-based Java EE application installation and maintenance.  Further it tightens security controls and extends the reach of your applications to any hand-held devices such as smart phones and iPad.

Pros of WAS v8
With WebSphere Application Server v8, you can increase your data center efficiency through effective workload consolidation by leveraging your developer skills as they can choose from wide array of open standard-based programming models including geographically dispersed applications.

The WAS v8 proven transactional support will help you maintain transaction integrity and minimize the possibility of losing a business prospect due to failed transactions or system down time. The flexible and granular security controls further protect customer sensitive information and help administrator’s productively secure application environments.

Developers can also reuse and extend legacy and packaged applications using the optional WebSphere Adapters v7.5 and through integrated WebSphere platform that is reliable and scalable.

The best is that you can migrate to advanced WebSphere Application Server v8 configurations without any cost of re-architecting and re-programming using IBM Installation Manager (IM) that has significantly reduced product installation time by 15%, large-topology server creation time by 69% and large-topology cluster-creation time by 31% saving your valuable time and money.

Author Bio
Zeeshan Villiani joins Royal Cyber Inc as a leading consultant in marketing. He has vast experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Commerce, Java, XML, JavaScript and HTML. Prior to joining Royal Cyber, Zeeshan was a senior consultant for Reliable Accounting Solutions, where he led corporate business development and new client systems. He managed a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies, technical writing, product feasibility profiles, and customer satisfaction measurement. Zeeshan is currently pursuing his MBA degree from Institute of Business Management and holds a Master of Arts in Economics degree. He is fluent in several Asian-Indian languages and is an active member of IBM DeveloperWorks. 

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