IBM Unica for Precision Marketing

Integration and Cross-channel marketing are the words you hear from every marketer in the world.  Either you are an offline marketer or in the online world, developing integrated, cross-channels marketing campaigns is now a critical element of planning and strategy building, but the know-how and skill-sets to be able to do this effectively are often lacking.

Realizing this importance of enterprise marketing management solutions, IBM has acquired Unica in 2010, the global leader in marketing software solutions providing enterprise level software and cloud-based marketing solutions to help businesses simplify and automate their entire marketing processes for a consistent cross-channel insight to global brand strategy to improve their customers experience and provide satisfaction.

Unica is a recognized leader in enterprise marketing management and is the only vendor recognized as ‘leader’ by both Gartner and Forrester in key areas including campaign management, web analytics, and marketing resource management. 

It allows users to plan, create, execute and analyze their marketing campaigns across multiple channels through its powerful and feature rick campaign management tool which enable marketers to accurately measure marketing activities across segments, products, channels, and brands in accordance with time. It also allows marketers to reduce their expenditure by offering sophisticated analytics and process improvement capabilities to help businesses optimize marketing activities throughout their selling cycle.

Unica tools provide powerful management features including central repository offers for promotion reuse and consistency. You can also create promotions based on template custom attributes that can be dynamically generated for campaign target.

Unica Campaign is not only about designing and execution of the campaigns but also provides powerful features to track campaign responses. In Unica Campaign "response tracking" refers to the process of determining whether events or action taken by individuals are in response to offers they have been given.

 It also complements extensive reporting enhancements and besides that Unica campaign can also be integrated with other Unica products like IBM Unica Customer Insight, Unica Marketing Operations etc for a more seamless insight to consumer behaviors.

More than 1,500 organizations around the world have utilized Unica for better analysis about their customer’s preferences, trends, predictions and buying needs to execute and measure relevant cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Author Bio
Zeeshan Valliani joins Royal Cyber Inc as a leading consultant in marketing. He has vast experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Commerce, Java, XML, JavaScript and HTML. Prior to joining Royal Cyber, Zeeshan was a senior consultant for Reliable Accounting Solutions, where he led corporate business development and new client systems. He managed a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies, technical writing, product feasibility profiles, and customer satisfaction measurement. Zeeshan is currently pursuing his MBA degree from Institute of Business Management and holds a Master of Arts in Economics degree. He is fluent in several Asian-Indian languages and is an active member of IBM DeveloperWorks. 

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