What’s new in IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0

IBM has recently revealed a newer version of WebSphere Portal Version 8, offering its users a more seamless, personalized and richer user experience, distinct for each user across a single access point.

With several new features from better analytics, social media integration, more affluent content management and search engine optimization, WebSphere Portal version 8 offers everything you need for deploying and developing a multi channel and exceptional web experience.

The newer IBM WebSphere Portal Version 8 provides a variety of benefits that will not just enhance your user experience but would also boost your productivity and performance. 

The latest version also supports signing in to your portal from Google, Yahoo or Facebook id via Open id authentication and provides easy access to your portal from any hand-held device like smart phones such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to tablets and iPad – all from a single source code.

Another interesting feature is IBM Forms which empower you to build website forms for collecting and analyzing structured information from your customers, partners and employees and keeps them engaged with dynamic and interactive interface that provides them personalized user experience.

Other features include:
  • IBM Installation manager to install, update and uninstall applications
  • Managed pages, site area templates, new menu, navigator options and enhanced projects
  • Simplified Business Process Management and integration with SAP & external identity providers
  • CMIS support for federated documents & content templating enhancements
  • Web Content Manager authoring homepage & RESTful Service

You can also enrich your WebSphere Portal using various tools and technologies from IBM Web Experience Factory (formerly WebSpherePortlet factory) that accelerates portal deployment by leveraging latest Web 2.0 technologies including Java, AJAX and advanced Dojo/Mobile Dojo toolkit widgets which aggregate data, content, processes, presentation requirements, and organizational structures from existing applications.

WebSpherePortal Guru provides complete solutions for WebSphere Portal development and administration including troubleshooting support. Their experts can handle complex web projects without any difficulty and can easily help you switch from existing versions to the new version 8, ensuring a successful portal deployment and development.

Author Bio
Zeeshan Valliani joins Royal Cyber Inc as a leading consultant in marketing. He has vast experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Commerce, Java, XML, JavaScript and HTML. Prior to joining Royal Cyber, Zeeshan was a senior consultant for Reliable Accounting Solutions, where he led corporate business development and new client systems. He managed a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies, technical writing, product feasibility profiles, and customer satisfaction measurement. Zeeshan is currently pursuing his MBA degree from Institute of Business Management and holds a Master of Arts in Economics degree. He is fluent in several Asian-Indian languages and is an active member of IBM DeveloperWorks. 

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