Freedom to Achieve Your Application Potential: IBM Impact Day 3 General Session

It was another fun filled day 3 in Las Vegas NV at IBM Impact. The general session began at 8:30am Pacific time and the host of the show was Don McMillan who holds a diversified portfolio, he is technology comedian and engineer who engages the audience by telling them about IT terms in the funniest way.

He then invited Rod Smith, VP Emerging technologies at IBM to talk about the next wave of computing and how it’s changing the way we live and work. Smith said that Emerging technologies are enabling new types of applications for multiple channels including mobile, social and cloud. He mentioned that in IBM alone there are 12000 employees using mobile to access different applications
“Every month people send one billion tweets and post 30 billion messages on Facebook. Mobile Application have become fluid and can be adjusted to user context based on device, time and location” said Smith emphasizing on faster applications development saying time to value is the key factor.

Professor John Taplin from University of South California came next on stage and talked about his team collaboration with IBM and LA times. He mentioned Arab Upspring and how an Egyptian student used IBM software to find which words are being tweeted.

Jane Mcgonial, technology expert talked about her research on gaming and its huge impact on our lives. She said that there are over 1 billion gamers on the planet playing at least one hour every day. Mcgonial also shared part of her research saying that games have positive impact on children battling cancers. She also engages participants in multi player thumb wrestling game which broke the record with 8000 participants.

Breth Smith, VP IBM talk about new era of messaging. Smith said that phones have become personal ids and would soon become corporate ids that would tell us where we are and that one device will soon become everything. She emphasized on need for a collaborative lifecycle for faster response time which she says require new processes and business models for a new era.

Jerry Cuomo, CTO Websphere then came on stage to show the principles of SOA and its new capabilities. He mentioned the case of Acme Airlines and how did they have collaborated with IBM for extending APIs to developers and expand mobile apps to be engaging.

Breth Smith VP IBM then made announcements about the latest versions of DataPower, MQ and WAS 8.5. She said that DataPower new version offers extended security exercises over the enterprise level and that the latest version of MQ provides managed file transfer and advanced messaging security. The new WAS 8.5 has built in application management capabilities including, intelligent routing and dynamic clustering. She also said that IBM is 16% faster than Oracle in equivalent hardware.

Kevin Steele, Senior Director Technology at introduced his company starting with a short documentary. He said that his company employs 1000 people nationwide including 140 IT professionals. Steele said that his company was facing frequent outages and issues regarding system monitoring capabilities and hence they worked with IBM. Omnibus solution helped get data from logs and fix system performance management tools. IBM technology enabled his company to improve scalability, speed and reliability.

In the end IBM Fellow and CTO Jerry Cuomo invited other presenters to play a virtual game with their handheld devices. Later on Don McMillan ended the session with announcements about the coming impact sessions.

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